The Changing Face of Roman Britain

…For nothing he achieved
was greater than to sire this son of his.
To tame the Britons in their sea-girt isle, To sail victorious up the seven-mouthed Nile…

Ovid – Metamorphoses
Translated by A.D. Melville, Oxford World’s Classics

Despite Ovid’s relative dismissal of the Roman conquest of Britain, its effects are still with us over two thousand years later. Tonight’s talk – by the Guardian’s Charlotte Higgins, Professor Michael Trapp, and Dr John Pearce – will explore in more detail the transformations (and wishful transformations) the Romans presence had on our isle.

In advance of the talks, two podcasts by Professor William Fitzgerald on Ovid’s poem, which has inspired art & literature (and of course, the theme for this festival) ever since. In the first part, Professor Fitzgerald provides some background on the text:

While in part two, he looks in more detail at the transformations and themes in the work:

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